U.S. Marines Vol. 1 CD

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Original aus den USA 40 minutes of Spirit, Tradition and Motivation!

CD Original aus den USA



  1. Gimme That Old Marine Corps Spirit
  2. My Marine Corps Colors
  3. Lift Your Head and Hold It High
  4. I Got a Girl in a Mississippi Town
  5. Mama and Papa Were Layin' in Bed
  6. Everywhere We Go
  7. Jody, Jody, Six Feet Four
  8. My Grandaddy Was a Horse Marine
  9. My Grandmother was 71
  10. They Wanna Wear the Red and Gold
  11. Here We Go, All the Way
  12. I Love Workin' for Uncle Sam
  13. Gonna Be Another Easy Day
  14. Pin My Medals Upon my Chest
  15. Give Me that Anchor, Globe and Eagle


  1. Got a Lot of Motivation
  2. Recon Ranger, Life of Danger
  3. That Motivated Rhythm
  4. Jody's Got Your Cadillac
  5. All Marines Are Mighty Bold
  6. Gimme that Old Marine Corps Spirit
  7. If I Die in a Combat Zone
  8. I had a Girl Down in New Orleans
  9. Listen To The Rhythm
  10. Up in the Morning
  11. If You Want It, You've Got to Earn It
  12. I Want to Be a Recon Ranger
  13. Ain't No Discharge on the Ground
  14. Five Miles...Every Day
  15. Take Us Home Now